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One Should Join

Allow us to draw an upsetting portrayal for the condition

In one horrendous sketch one should join most for the information given in the issue. Most for the measures for the movements are showed up and one compass has been consolidated as one sort for point for view heading.

Stage 2 :
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Next you pick one scale for our vector diagram. It is evident from the unforgiving portrayal which picking one scale where 1cm addresses 1km (scale: 1cm = 1km) would be one not too bad choice in this issue )- the graph will by then take up an OK division for one A4 page. you by and by start the careful improvement.

Stage 3 :

Improvement Step 1: Starting at the harbor H you draw the principle vector 6cm long toward the way north (review in the chart 1cm addresses 1km):

Improvement Step 2: Since the ship is as for now at port one you draw the second vector 12cm long starting beginning here toward the way east:

Fhsst vectors33.png

Enable us to draw an unfortunate sketch for the condition

In an upsetting representation one should meld the majority for the datone given in the issue. The majority for the ranges for the relocations are appeared and one compass has been joined as one kind for perspective heading.


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